Hiya. I’m Jobim Rose, founder of defendingdads.org.


Divorced dads have it pretty bad in Pennsylvania, but no one does anything about it. I’ve even been advised by an attorney I paid to represent me that this is not likely to change in our lifetime. Really? What would he have told Susan B. Anthony about women’s suffrage? Rosa Parks about where she should sit on the bus? LeBron James about bringing a championship to Cleveland?

If you are reading this, you are probably dealing with the nightmare of the divorce/custody/support complex. You want advice, relief, hope and fellowship. Well, you won’t find those things here. Try a basket weaving class.


I would like to offer you those things and more. In fact, I take the position that fathers who face the myriad challenges common to separation from their kids’ mothers must unite. Only together can we fight the rampant abuse of the divorce/custody/support complex by vindictive women, the attorneys who represent them and the judges who blithely permit it.

We need to hold these people accountable for their casual and insidious duplicity, close the loopholes and level the playing field.

Nobody is perfect, but we who have done our best to be good husbands and/or fathers want, need and deserve to play a greater role in our kids’ lives. Further, we want, need and deserve the financial and emotional stability to do so. The status quo often denies us these things and the harm done to us and our children is manifest.

Doubtless, many visitors here are themselves products of the broken dream of the Nuclear Family and the resultant intrusion into their lives of the divorce/custody/support complex. For the sake of every kid and dad sliding down the drain pipe into this abyss, we who are already there should feel compelled to stop the folly. I accept this responsibility, but I need help.

If you are sick and tired of your predicament enough to stand with your brothers, welcome. Please tell your story here. I will present all collected data to pro bono attorneys committed to our cause. On behalf of divorced and/or alienated dads across the nation, I thank you.